Making a Emergency Solar Generator

A simple but effective design
Make a mobile platform
This design uses a childs wagon from a yard sale and PVC piping. Less than $20.00.

Recovered from old washers and dryers (free). Regulator is solid state one from a Honda.($13.00)
Connections from Home Depot , less than $20.00. Micrometers less than $5.00 each at Harbour Freight
Solar Panel
Designed for marine use. Produces too much voltage for the 12 volt batteries. Thus the need for the regulator.

Price $119.00.
Standard Deep Cell 12 volt batteries from Walmart. $75.00 each.
4000 watts peak, 2000 sustained. Tested to run 8 lights, fan, fridge, and power tools. With added surge device and line conditioner runs a PC server easily..

Price $129.00.
No carbon monoxide danger. No roaming miles away for gas for a gas generator. Enough power to run basic needs.
Inverter can be run on one battery , whilst the other batteries charge. However, this is done by manual switches on the side. If this process could be automated, the design would be far more effective.