Organizing screws in dis-assembly

A simple but effective design to keep from misplacing screws.
I went to local hardware store and bought a utility box. I augmented the box, by adding extra dividers.
A DYNO label maker was used to designate the separations.
To reduce any possible confusion. BOTH the bin itself and the corresponding area on bottom of the cover were labeled.
The label criteria was evolved from support dis-assembly documentation from a few major laptop makers.
First Row: Bottom Screws, Battery Well, Keyboard Bottom, Fan
Second Row: Keyboard Upper, System Board, HD Bracket, Switch Assembly
Third Row: Heat Sink, Hinge Screws, Video, Sub Wooffer, Backlight/Inverter
Fourth Row: Display Panel, Display Inner, Ram Bay, Wlan/Modem, Rubber Bumpers
Finally, I modified the rear plastic support to hold a pair of tweezers.
This was to allow for easier grabbing of the screws in the bins.